Site Map

Four Seasons Family Campground Site Map

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Campground Rules & Regulations

The following list of rules is for the protection of all our campers. Your cooperation will result in a more enjoyable camping experience for everyone involved. You hereby agree that you understand these rules and will ensure your camping family and guests abide by them so we can call help make this an even better campground.

Visitors & Hours: All visitors and guests must register and pay at the gate or office. The fee for each person is $5.00 a day and $10.00 overnight. All visitors and guests shall leave the campground by 10:00PM unless they are paid for overnight. No visitors will be admitted after 10:00PM. Overnight visitors shall leave the campground by 3:00PM the next day. No alcoholic beverages are to be taken off of your campsite. All children under 21 must be at their campsites by curfew, which is 11:00PM. Quiet hours are 11:00PM to 8:00AM. Loud noise at any time is not permitted. No firearms, slingshots, fireworks or similar items allowed.

Beach & Other Facilities: All small children must be supervised in the rest rooms, showers, on the playground and on the beach. Please help us keep rest rooms clean. No dish washing in the rest rooms. Parents or grandparents must know where children are at all times and must accompany all children under 12 years of age in the lake. Playground equipment and campground facilities are to be used at your own risk. They playground is designed for ages 2 to 10 years, and all children on the playground must have adult supervision. No skateboards allowed in the camp. There is to be no loitering around buildings, or the lake, or climbing or sitting on fences. No privately owned boats or canoes allowed in lake.

Campsites & Campfires: Subletting or loaning of sites is prohibited. Fires are to be in metal ring provided; barrels are not permitted. No large fires permitted. When fire hazard is extreme, open fires are not permitted. No “sink waste water” to be discharged on ground; it must be connected to the sewer or caught in a container. Only one table and one fire ring per campsite. You will be charged for extra tables or fire rings. All outside refrigerators must be locked at all times. Nails in trees, cutting of trees, shrubs, etc., is strictly forbidden. State law prohibits burning of garbage and trash. No washing of trailers, vehicles, boats, watering grass, etc. No small pools for children. You must maintain 3 feet of unobstructed clearance completely around the electrical pedestal.

Pets & Wildlife: All pets must be tied or on a leash at all times. No pet is to be left unattended. Excessive barking of dogs will not be tolerated. Dung is to be buried. No pets in lake, on beach or in buildings. All dogs must be registered with the office and proof of current rabies shots presented. No throwing stones at our ducks, rabbits and squirrels. They are attractions at our camp; we want to keep them healthy and alive.

Telephone & Mail: Emergency telephone calls will be delivered right away. Pay phones are available for your use outside the campground store. They are for outgoing calls only and will not receive any incoming calls. Outgoing and incoming mail containers are located in the store.

Vehicles: Car decal must be attached to your vehicle, and all occupants must show their ID card at the Welcome Center. No more than two vehicles per site, and they must be parked on the site. Vehicles will not be parked on any roadways. All vehicles must be registered at office or gate. CAMPGROUND SPEED: Ten (10) miles per hour. We request you use your vehicle as little as possible to minimize traffic. No parking at the pavilion or recreation hall. Motorized bikes (of any kind) are not permitted in the camp. No bicycle riding after 8:00PM or dusk, whichever comes first. By State Law, children ages 14 and under are required to wear a bicycle helmet at all times while riding in the campground. No bicycle riding in any buildings or pavilions. No boats, boat trailers, or vehicles are to be left in the campground from November 1 to April 1.

Sheds and Porches: The office must approve all sheds and decks and repairs to the same in writing in advance. You must then obtain building and zoning permits from Pilesgrove Township before any placement or construction takes place. Only one shed is permitted on a site. Only sheds and decks are permitted, there will be no other structure on your site.

Trash and Recycling: Everyone is responsible for placing their garbage and non-recyclables in the trash dumpsters located in the campground. Recycling is mandatory in New Jersey. Please refer to our trash and recycling sheet for details.
We are not responsible for any loss due to fire, accident or theft or any act beyond our control. This campground is private property. Any individual found destroying or damaging campground property will be expected to make due restitution. Violation of any of these rules and regulations, or unreasonable or objectionable conduct, is cause for termination of tenancy or visit. We, as owners, reserve the right to make decisions in such matters.